When you complete your purchase, you will be taken to an area where you can complete a form to begin pre-production. This form will allow us to do the intake needed to begin the creative process of writing and conceptualizing the creative elements for your new show. 

The things we will look to focus on in this step, are completing the onboarding form where you are presented with (5) bullet point fields to complete to describe the ideas, or concepts, sound, goal, show type (Case Study, Support Show, Teaching Moments for Customers or Training Clients). 

We use these bullet points to begin strategizing your production elements and write the voice over. All of this will be produced in writing first, then you can sign off on the copy, tenor, voice type, etc. Also, we will include a field on that onboarding document where you can write a paragraph description and also include an image for colors, or maybe to show our team your look and feel. Then we turn that info over to our team of Designers. 

After the initial approval of the raw materials, we'll go back into the studio and put it all together. After this, we will go into another round of approvals. We want to make sure the show sounds the way you want it to and that the Cover Art has the look and feels that get you jazzed about this new project.